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History (1987)

Since I was 17 I worked in a body shop as a prep, painter, and eventually stayed as a body man because that is what I enjoyed the most.
While I was working in Volkswagen of America I was offered the opportunity to learn PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) directly from the pioneers that came from Germany. For 3 months we had no way of speaking to each other, the only way we were able to communicate was through hand signals and single words like “looky looky.” The only thing I was able to learn in that time was to view the dents through a large light placed on the other side of the car. After I had learned to view the dents and had got the hang of repairing dents I was sent to US Dent based in Nebraska to get certified in repairing large dents. I was able to complete a 1 month course in 1 week. I was offered a job after completing the course, I had to turn them down although the pay was great because it was to far away from the family.

I worked for Volkswagen of America for the next 10 years as a dent repair tech for new cars before they were sent out to the dealerships for sale.
One day a company named Dent Pro took me aside and offered me a better opportunity 2 improve in every way. I worked there for another 10 years until the end of 2008 where I found myself out of work because of business slowing down. So in the beginning of 2009 I founded Dent EZ Out with the help of my wife who was to take care of all the clerical work.

And now we are trying to work hard to help our business grow little by little.

Now that you have a little history about us I will take the opportunity to let you know that we are experienced in dents that other companies cant do. Every costumer that experiences their dents being repaired and their paint is still original is happy to have been able to find us.

Your satisfaction in guaranteed, We are more experienced, better price and offer more quality work than anyone in San Diego. Se habla español.

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